Endurance 1000




Saturdays: 8:30 - 10:30am, Harold Holt Swim Centre

The Vorgee Endurance 1000 program is designed to encourage members to improve their fitness by completing distance swims ranging from 400 metres up to 60 minutes duration in a variety of strokes. Each completed swim scores points for the individual as well as the club.

Over the course of the year, members aiming to achieve maximum points complete the entire program and also attain the time/distance goals related to their age and gender. 

Taking part in the Endurance 1000 program at any level is an excellent way to prepare for open water swims and improve your stamina. 

For more information visit Masters Swimming Australia Vorgee Endurance 1000 

At Marlins Endurance 1000 sessions, swimmers are free to choose their own swims from the program, and timekeeping is shared amongst the group. There is no coach at Endurance sessions. They are very social sessions with all Marlins and visitors welcome.